Artic Temp Inc.
Prague, Oklahoma
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Artic Temp Inc. offers Custom Designs as Well as Standard Options.  We have a full list of extra options you can add to your Walk-In.
Top of the line Walk-In Coolers and Freezers produced at the finest!!!!!!!
UL & NSF Approved
EISA Compliant
Artic Temp Inc. is a Manufacturer of Quality Walk-In Coolers/Freezers and Refrigeration

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    Artic Temp Inc. is very proud of the quality and reputation that we have in the refrigeration industry.  We manufacture in both nominal and actual size walk-ins.  Angular configuration walk-ins are our specialty.  Our manufacturing techniques allow us to build a non-standard design walk-in economically and efficiently.  The importance of this manufacturing flexibility could aid you in your need and space allowance.  We customize to fit each and every cooler for the customers request and measurements.

A few of the Industries that we have produced our Walk-In Coolers for :

Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Bars, Hunting Game, Cattle Operations, Mortuary's, Florist, Residential and much more!  Let us help you design a Walk-In to fit your needs.
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Outside Compressor Unit

One of our Beer Cave's